Building Blocks 2032

Rethinking the suburban block for an active community.

The typical suburban residential block hasn’t always lived up to the promises of the ‘Great Australian Dream’. Many neighborhoods show a lack of social interaction, community and public activity, plus there are concerns for safety. There are opportunities however within the existing suburban residential framework to create vibrant communities and activity without drastically redeveloping the existing systems in place. This project looks at unlocking some of the hidden potential within the suburban block and envisions how vibrant and diverse communities can be formed. This particular Broadmeadows block is a ‘test site’ for executing a co-op community within an existing suburban block, in order to become an exemplar to the surrounding communities of the potential benefits that could be enjoyed by embracing a change from the everyday.  In this project, backyards are assessed economically for infill opportunities. Neighbours develop areas collectively or sell parcels of land to small developers.  The shared space is populated with small housing units and shared flexible buildings.  These might  be used as an outdoor theatre or a kitchen for communal cooking classes, for example.


Chris Rossetto




Mess (2): Everyday Babylon

Studio Leaders

Lisa Dew & Ammon Beyerle