Dallas Playgarden & Paper Planes

This playground landscape in the Dallas shopping strip becomes a local icon and interaction point.

This playground has been introduced into the Dallas LAD. It is built on the metaphor of paper planes, evoking a notion of playfulness, immigration and planes overhead. Indigenous cultural markings on the sculptures aim to unite cultures.

PaperPlanes is a celebration of the rich character of the Broadmeadows area, taking inspiration from various aspects which make Broadmeadows what it is:

  • PaperPlanes is a metaphor for the visa papers necessary for immigration, an acknowledgement of the immigrant backgrounds which make up the Broadmeadows area.
  • With planes flying over the town very frequently, the PaperPlanes design turns this into a positive thing. The sound of planes flying, although seen by some as a nuisance, add character and a certain charm to the area.
  • The window design is a representation of the cultural diversity of Broadmeadows, and is inspired by indigeneous artwork, a nod to Australia’s aboriginal heritage.
  • Being ambiguous in function, the play-sculpture allows children to explore and define their own methods of play, whether it be as a colourful hide-away spot, a slide, or a place to pose for a family photo.


Henry Ly


Industrial Design


Peri-Urban Lounge Room

Studio Leaders

Kate Bissett-Johnson & Denis Smitka