Hume Wind

Introducing sustainable energy through wind power, recycling and job creation.

Hume Wind is a proposition for a renewable energy industry in Hume, an area which has natural wind assets. Wind is relatively low tech and low cost as compared with other energy technologies, and wind turbines can be manufactured using recycled materials. The project includes an innovation stream at Kangan Batman TAFE which develops new turbines, trains engineers and solves technical problems. My Windy Shed is a community DIY network which builds and repairs turbines, specialising in making turbines from recycled industrial materials. Hume Wind manages the local grid and helps businesses and residents invest and participate in the scheme. Hume Wind demonstrates how local skills and a rich history of local manufacturing can be transformed into new renewable technologies, providing employment for many locals who had previously worked with automotive technologies.


Dean Benstead


Industrial Design


Sustainability Think-Tank

Studio Leader

Simon Curlis