Mobility Third Age

A transport strategy that improves health, wellbeing and social connections.

Mobility for the Third Age looks at ideas of mobility for an ageing population. The design proposes that mobility is not only about getting from A to B, mobility is also about social connections. There are four components to the design; accessibility and availability of social spaces where seniors can meet, a social networking service – remembering that in 25 years most seniors will have internet experience – strolling groups that keep seniors active, and skills and knowledge exchange with younger generations.

Eco-Acupuncture: Mobility for the Third Age is a council-led ageing strategy for the local population. State government health organisations and local community organisations are working alongside the council to implement the project. Over the years it has been proven that an active ageing population is a healthy population. Although retired seniors are keen to remain active within the community, many are supplementing retirement pensions with small jobs in their local community. This creates greater connections between neighbours, transfers knowledge and strengthens the local community. Walking paths have been implemented as a part of the sustainable transport plan. There are emergency help points and information along the paths advising of distances and rest stops. The paths have increased the activity in the surrounding areas and you often see groups of all different ages using the paths during the day and evening. A recent report sees that the program has had great success, with the health of Broadmeadows seniors up by 35% since implementation.


Daniel Nguy


Industrial Design


Sustainability Think Tank

Studio Leader

Simon Curlis