BCAD Strategy

BCAD: Bringing Cycling Ahead of Driving

The BCAD project begins with a comprehensive analysis of current cycling conditions in Broadmeadows, from the quality of bike lanes to the connectivity of existing routes and the patterns of cycling behaviour in the area.  While Broadmeadows has almost double the bike ownership of inner-suburban Melbourne, the trips taken are minimal.

BCAD proposes a series of interventions at a range of different scales.   From new types of bicycle paths which indicate upcoming hazards, to developing a hierarchy and typologies of cycling routes through the community (e.g. connectors through residential areas), BCAD looks at behaviour change and encouraging a culture of cycling.   A proposal to link Olsen Place and Dallas Shopping Centre with a cycle route along Barry St exemplifies the BCAD approach: at the halfway point, riders can pause for refreshment and pick up groceries at the Turkish food and craft market in the parking shelters of a former industrial warehouse.  Bike racks designed with the clear influence of the Turkish flag reference the history of Broadmeadows and create a direct connection between the market and the bike paths.  The BCAD Strategy includes a youth-orientated cycle Hub next to the train station – where bikes can be built and or repaired.  The Hub also incorporates bike art and could possibly be linked to the Bicycle Film festival.


Dai Le


Landscape Architecture


Sustainable Sprawl

Studio Leader

Dr. Sidh Sintusingha