Community Services

Health, culture, resources and services: flexibility and the EBD community.

Due to innovative and integrated public health measures, the EBD residential community enjoys above average health. Residents are more aware and proactive in maintaining their wellbeing.  This has also influenced the working community who are partaking in a number of projects from their neighbouring homes. Whilst many of the health initiatives are driven by the community, Melbourne City Council also supports a range of health services at community centres, which are flexible multi-use spaces distributed across the neighbourhood.

EBD has two community medical centres which offer both General Practice and alternative health services.  The centres also have a small mental health clinic and outreach program. The council coordinates respite care and a carers support program. Council and community fitness services include classes such as Tai Chi and gentle exercise programs for seniors. Less mobile seniors are also supported by the local Meals on Wheels program, which, rather than running a kitchen, works with existing cafes to provide hot nutritious meals which are delivered to residents.
New mothers and parents are welcome to use the maternal health care clinic and childcare facilities. The childcare facilities are supported by the EBD Extended Grandparents and Social Mothers programs, where many retired and semi-retired community members work alongside specialist staff in the child care centre. The community centre has continued to receive positive feedback on accessibility.  This is largely due to excellent mobility systems and the distributed allocation of flexible community spaces across the site. The community has reported that the multi-faith centre and the youth centres are two of the most valued community services.

Alongside the formal services offered by the council, EBD also has a community development trust.  These are community spaces where a variety of activities take place, including the tool-sharing sheds, the community kitchens, and the EBD B&B – where rooms scattered throughout the site are available to be used as spare bedrooms for residents’ visitors.

The community development trust also runs an number of regular activities and events.  These include active walking groups, community cooks, the public arts project and art clinics, the youth theater, a number of sporting activities including back-alley cricket, the EBD Summer Nights community (music, food, art and multicultural festivals) and a dispute resolution service. The trust is proud of EBD’s cultural standing in the greater Melbourne community. Loi Krathong, the Thai Festival of Light, is one of our more spectacular celebrations.  Taking place at full moon in November, the Jolly Swagman billabong is alight with boats (made from biodegradable materials) filled with candles. Each one is a wish that floats out into Victoria Harbour.