Bringing the airport lounge to the university bus-stop.

The intercampus bus for the two Monash campuses can carry more than 40 people, but the existing shelters only seat 4.  People waiting for and boarding the bus are exposed to the elements.  The Clarity shelter is part of a new bus system which includes double-ended buses, similar to airport shuttles. Double-ended, standing-room only buses will decrease travel times, eliminating cumbersome three point-turns and increasing passenger-load capacity.

Two main weather extremes – heat and storms – that may become more frequent were considered during the design of the shelter, which protects occupants from strong winds and rain, while being well-ventilated for hot summer days.  The shelter has been positioned near the cafes to become an extension of the existing campus social life, and can be used to display student works from the nearby gallery. In this project, the transport system becomes an extension of the campus experience.


Wei-Pai Huang


Industrial Design


Access 2030

Studio Leader

Mark Richardson & Michael Trudgeon

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