Future Transport Systems

Mobility: City of Short Distances

A light rail system that has low carbon emissions to be used in the suburb of Rowville in 2032.

It is the year 2032 and the outer Melbourne suburb of Rowville is selected as an exemplar for future transport service innovations. By 2032 a heavy rail line has been extended from Huntingdale station to Stud Park shopping complex, as well as a heavy rail along the East-link freeway. A light rail system is now required to satisfy the needs of the local community. This project aims to address the needs of Rowville residents through the design of a practical low carbon emission light rail network whose functionality is incorporated into the infrastructure of the suburb. During the project students will: develop knowledge of sustainable design practice; develop an understanding of the urban vernacular of Rowville; examine the relationship between commuter infrastructure and behaviour; develop a system for the light rail network; examine resident needs and propose alternative public behaviour.