Café Tram

“a place where people want to be, not have to be”

The Café Tram system includes a small, high-frequency driverless shuttle, running along a route that is no further than ten minutes walk from any residence in Rowville.  The interior design of the shuttle incorporates modular small-business infrastructure, and the designers propose a café, serving breakfast and pre-prepared meals during the morning and evening commute.  The light-rail system integrates with the proposed rail extension to Rowville, and includes access passes instead of tickets.  Open space within the tram would allow bikes and wheelchairs to be carried as well.  Pressure pads built into tram stops call the shuttle and avoid unnecessary stops for this driverless service.  Café Tram is designed to make the use of public transport simple, reliable and desirable.


Craig Artemiou, James Harris, Luke Dewar


Product Engineering


Future Transport Systems

Studio Leader

Blair Kuys

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