SyncX: sTram & sMart

Tram as public transport and grocery distribution vehicle.

A tram system for Rowville that is also able to deliver goods. There are sMart food Hubs located at some of the tram stops where residents can come and pick up goods and purchase last minute supplies. The hubs are located within walking distance of residential areas; the system also has a shared trolley for easy collection.

In the words of the designers:

Syncx focuses on a systems & services that not only links people in Rowville by providing daily public transport but also simplifies their process of grocery shopping within 2km radius.  Rowville community today consists of approximately 35,000 residents, most of whom live in detached low-density housing with 10,000 household.  Most journeys undertaken by this community today over 90% are by car. Most households in Rowville each have 3 to 4 cars. Assuming each household does grocery shopping minimum once a week within a 2km radius of Rowville, at least 10,000 cars are use to shop for basic needs per week for the whole of Rowville!!! That is 2,080,000km a year (40,000km x 52 weeks), which is equivalent to traveling around the Earth 52 times (Earth’s circumference = 40,000km).


Nikki Andrews, Oj Raj, Ivan Gunawan, Hong Ning Chan


Systems & Services

Studio Leader

Mark Strachan

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