Street Shelter

Walk comfortably to local transit hubs, no matter the weather or time of day.

An active society is a healthy society. Walking to the station or tram stop is good for us, and can be a relaxing and healthy addition to our mobility routines. Yet with no shelter or adequate lighting walking in the rain, when it’s hot, or late at night, walking can be less than appealing and even stressful. In times like this it’s easier to jump in the car, but what if we can’t? The Street Shelter is more than a simple awning –  it is a design for a smart and technologically advanced sheltering system. In times of rain the shelter extends to cover the path, protecting those on the footpath and collecting rainwater. In the hottest parts of the day, the shelter also provides shade while panels harvest the sunlight to power the lights that provide a well-lit route home late at night.


Roger Wettenhall


Industrial Design


Visioning Mobility

Studio Leader

Kate Archdeacon

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