Designing the Sustainable Landscape

The second Master of Landscape Architecture studio to focus on Sunshine, this studio again engages with Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles as applied to the open spaces of Sunshine Principle Activity Centre (SPAC), Brimbank City Council (BCC). The studio ran loosely in partnership with VEIL.

Students were asked to:

  • Critically explore the collisions of development, ecology, and ‘culture’ (e.g. VEIL’s “eco-acupuncture”).
  • Develop a creative response to complex problems; assume that ecology is not an impediment to creativity and development.
  • Stay grounded on the realities of the site, be futuristic and optimistic for the future of open space at Sunshine Principle Activity Centre (SPAC).

The studio proposals will again alter the existing conditions. Development pressures will be felt on some sites in the future. What opportunities will this provide? How will the existing natural systems on the site inform interventions? What can be retrieved from the sites and what will have to be made anew? Is more or less public open space required and what qualities will it have?

As a group, students developed a masterplan for Sunshine and then focused on specific areas in their individual projects, ensuring that the areas overlapped and a cohesive approach to the studio was supported.