Sustainable Sprawl

Urban sprawl is threatening Australian rural and natural open spaces/landscapes. How can the need to grow the economy and provide affordable housing be balanced with the need to conserve and resuscitate rural and natural open spaces?

Municipal open spaces often privilege recreation functions. Can these competing needs be reconciled through design?

Most of the sites have been highly disturbed. You are to consider the artificiality of the site. The studio proposals alter the existing conditions. Development pressures will be felt on some sites in the future. What opportunities will this provide? How will the existing natural systems on the site inform your interventions? What are your attitudes to the existing municipal landscapes? What can be retrieved from the sites and what will have to be made anew? Is more or less public open space required and what qualities will it have?

This studio explores ways of conveying and integrating ESD principles with everyday life of the local inhabitants. Contextual complexities and difficult site conditions are a creative opportunity rather than an impediment to quality open space.