Announcing an international conference on ‘distributed systems’: Melbourne October 2010

VEIL, in collaboration with the McCaughey Centre at the University of Melbourne, announces an international conference to explore the development and value of distributed, [re]localised, systems of production and consumption.

Distributed systems presents an alternative model for the economy and well-being, based on networked small(er) scale systems of production and consumption that are re-localised, so that they utilise regional resources, increase diversity of productive cultures and goods and services, strengthen communities and increase socio-technical innovation. Chris Ryan, 2008

The [re]Generation conference, to be held in Melbourne in October 2010 (date and location yet to be announced) will be a critical event for knowledge sharing and ‘what-if’ collaboration on:

  • Exploring the value of distributed systems as a response to urgent environmental, social and economic challenges – particularly those relating to climate change;
  • Engaging multi-disciplinary practitioners, theorists, researchers, designers and activists to consider projects and visions for sustainable futures enabled by distributed systems;
  • Identifying priorities for future action: research; innovation; the design of products services and built environments; policy development.Conference Chairs: Prof Chris Ryan and Prof John Wiseman.