“Australian Sustainable Energy – by the numbers” by Peter Seligman (free PDF book)

“Australian Sustainable Energy – by the numbers” by Peter Seligman and published by the Melbourne Energy Institute at the The University of Melbourne.

Based on English Physicist David MacKay’s Sustainable Energy – without the hot air, Peter Seligman has undertaken to provide a clear account of Australia’s renewable energy potential. Peter has analysed a raft of available technologies, and offers a blueprint of a nation-wide renewable energy system based on the most efficient mix of technology, societal, and habitual changes.

Peter’s approach is characterised by simple and unyielding emphasis on what the numbers dictate here and now. He is critical of ‘futile greeness’, namely, actions based around appearance rather than substance. In this respect he offers us, both at a personal and organisation level, a range of responses that he really believes live up to the adage ‘bang for buck’.
It is a fantastic resource for designers and the public.