Broadmeadows 2032: Design Event

On February 19 & 20 , VEIL held the Vision: Broadmeadows 2032 design event – a workshop and charrette exploring new trajectories for the development of Broadmeadow, bringing together designers, lecturers, and local government in the next stage of our work in the City of Hume.

The City of Hume is a rapidly developing centre north of Melbourne, caught up in many of the problems of burgeoning suburban sprawl, population growth, climate change, stressed infrastructure and impending broad-brush state planning initiatives. VEIL has been involved in an ongoing process of consultation and workshops with Hume for the last six months. The work done thus far has involved Hume stakeholders such as council and local government along with students and academics. At this moment Hume has many future trajectories. It can be understood as one of many similar peri-urban regions or it can be addressed as a unique destination with considerable and diverse resources, problems opportunities and cultures. VEIL is keen to map, in a targeted and particular way, how existing local resources can be connected and re-visioned as part of a vibrant, desirable and sustainable future destination. Working with Hume City Council and a team of researchers and designers, VEIL has identified a number of key, sustainable development opportunities and sites at Hume that it will explore and visualise as a series of distributed and connected experimental visions for future development for the region. VEIL is keen to promote a broad and informed discussion about the real and diverse potential trajectories of Hume.

The outcomes from this event will inform the brief for the next stage of design studios in our partner universities.

Workshop participants

University Denis Smitka (Swinburne); Ian Wong, Tania Ivanka, Malte Wagenfeld, Simon Whibley, Julie Werner, Lan Tian (RMIT); Ammon Beyerle (Monash); Nicola Dovey, Edan Weis (University of Melbourne)
Hume Council Dianna Yacoub, Matthew Wilson
Government Ralph Webster (MCC)
Business Yurie Tyblewych (AECOM); Andrew Maher (ARUP); Shayne Lacy (Lab Architects); Rudy Darmawan (Design Inc.); Peter Brew (GHD); Lisa Dew (Grimshaw Architects); Nynke Feenstra (REIL); Bernie Walsh (Bernie Walsh Art & Design)

Workshop Design & Facilitation

Dianne Moy, Michael Trudgeon, Chris Ryan

Workshop Assistants

Kate Archdeacon, Philippa Abbott

Design Assistants

Lily Hsu, Andrew Reynolds, William Wong


Maggie Bufe, David Veentjer


Photography Studies College, Southbank