Broadmeadows in 2010

Hume, as an area of rapid growth and change on the perimeter of Melbourne, is of importance both as an example of generalised trends at the periphery and as a unique climactic cultural environment.

In order to develop strong and pertinent design interventions responding to the opportunities and future challenge of Broadmeadows and Hume we felt it was important to immerse ourselves, however briefly, in the particular circumstances and conditions of Hume.  Working with the Hume City Council we have selected 5 sites or site clusters that have been identified as important domains of potentiality and available for development. These sites represent unique possibilities to extend our thinking and suggest interventions in Hume that could change the path of development, provoke attention and have realistic possibilities as sites of experimental action.

As we visited Hume we looked at each site in terms of the opportunities and challenges they represent and the possible ways the provision of these resources can be altered as the beginning of a design intervention.