Eco-Acupuncture in Broadmeadows and Dallas

When VEIL looks at project sites such as Broadmeadows and Dallas, we see potential.

We investigate the local area looking at different angles;

  • Environmental influences such as water and land conditions
  • Urban influences such as houses, transport and energy
  • Social influences such as history, knowledge, jobs, community activities and cultural diversity.

These influences can be identified as opportunities, such as an abundance or excess or unfulfilled needs. We look at the location where these influences are most prevalent or where there is the strongest potential for change. An ‘eco-acupuncture’ point is a site, location or place which is both an opportunity for change, as well as a place where there are overlapping influences, such as:

  1. Energy systems
  2. Water systems
  3. Food systems
  4. Transport and Mobility
  5. Information and Knowledge
  6. Social and Economic Services

An example of how food and water might come together:

With the help of the council a warehouse collects rain water and grey water which is treated and stored in a local wetland. The water in the wetland is used at a neighbouring park and by the local community garden next door. In a short time the garden and park begin to thrive.

With increasing demand for food gardens the council is now looking at helping local schools transform their ovals and kitchen gardens. Harvested water from the school, along with excess water from the neighbouring houses, can be used to grow more food locally.

VEIL uses the combined expertise of the partnering organisations, Universities and experts to identify potential sites and designs to suit the local needs of that community.