Low Carbon Urban Transport: GAMUT Workshop

VEIL had the pleasure in assisting GAMUT (The Australasian Centre for the Governance and Management of Urban Transport) with four day workshop on Low Carbon Transport. The workshop was led by international transport expert Professor John Whitelegg and supported by a variety of local and national experts (see attached program for more details).

VEIL contributed workshop tools and user centered thinking to the symposium which investigated the challenges and opportunities surrounding; Slow Transport (cycling, pedestrian and slow moving vehicles), Public Transport, Behaviour Change and global and national policy and trends. Workshop participants found the tools an engaging way to explore the issues from the perspective of everyday transport users whilst also using the knowledge of their own expertise.

Amongst the 40 attendees were also VEIL designers Simon Curlis (RMIT Industrial Design), Blair Kuys and Emma Luke (Swinburne Industrial Design) and VEIL staff members Kirsten Larsen, Dianne Moy and Chris Ryan. VEIL will soon be conducting some design workshops to further investigate the themes arising from the workshops, to create some transport based 2032 visions and to plan for some low carbon transport studios in 2009. We will also be posting some videos of the lectures given at the event and also some of the workshop outcomes shortly.

A special hello to our visiting Chinese PHD students who arrived in Australia and headed straight to the workshop.