Mapping Melbourne’s Food

As part of “revealing the present” in urban food systems, Ferne has been conducting research using food mapping as a key tool.

As part of this research, Ferne taught an RMIT University elective for Industrial Design and Landscape Architecture students in 2008 called “Meals in Metropolis”. This subject explored a variety of urban agriculture models with regards to sustainability. Much of the coursework involved mapping – mapping the distance food traveled, mapping food growing in neighbourhoods and ultimately, mapping the input and outputs of selected urban agriculture models whilst suggesting ways to incorporate sustainability into current practices.

The VEIL Food Map – an online map of food production in Melbourne – was also launched during this course. The outcomes of this work will be reflected in the VEIL map, in an upcoming paper on the food mapping reflections, and in the upcoming “Social innovations in Victorian food systems” Briefing Paper, which will explore the various social grassroots innovations occurring in urban food production, distribution and consumption. Stay tuned to hear more!