October events at VEIL

In October 2017, VEIL will be hosting a series of exciting events. Please see below for more information, and don't forget to register for each event through the links provided.

Sascha Glasl Oration ‘Urban prototypes as engines for innovation and sustainability’

25th October 5.45pm

Co-founder of the ground breaking Amsterdam architectural practice, Space&Matter, Sascha Glasl will introduce their trans-disciplinary approach, melding the remit of urbanism, social media and architecture to explore new ways for design to add value and allow us to connect. The lecture will address the effect of innovative and sustainable architectural projects and interventions on the broader scale of precinct and zone transition. He will explain how the language of urban prototyping has influenced the studio’s work, and will outline the community-focused character of their projects.

Find more information and register for the oration here.

Walking on Water exhibition

20th October - 2nd November
Opening night 25th October

Walking on Water presents the work of 5 VEIL Eco-Acupuncture architecture and design studios conducted in the Netherlands from 2014. Eco-Acupuncture is a process that supports urban communities to co-develop visions of transformed, low-carbon, resilient futures, in response to the anticipated environmental, social and technical impacts of a changing climate.

CRC for Low Carbon Living Future Cities National Forum

26th October 8.45am

This forum is now complete. You can find videos of all the days sessions here.

This national forum examines approaches to catalysing urban transformation for low carbon resilient cities that are based on calls for fundamental ’re-invention’ of the concept of ‘the city’.

The Future Cities Forum will explore four examples of ‘re-inventing the city’ movements, to ask whether they offer a route to the kind of radical restructuring of the city necessary to achieve a viable and resilient post-fossil-fuel urban future.

  1. Re-inventing 'Humanity's Greatest Invention’ - Urban transformation as a cultural project
  2. Smart Cities - Technology, Data and the Internet of Things
  3. The City as Nature, not a refuge from nature - Urban Forests, Urban Food, Biophilic Cities
  4. The City of Short Distances - the 20 minute city and the future of distributed infrastructure provision (energy, water, food, waste)

Read the forum overview , register for the forum and download the forum program.