Peter Harper presents Zero Carbon Britain

Zero Carbon by 2030 – Britain’s dream or reality?

Technology says we can. Science says we must. Is it time to say we will?

In April 2011, UK scientist Peter Harper, from the Centre of Alternative Technology (CAT), in Wales presented Zero Carbon Britain 2030 in public lectures in Melbourne and Sydney.  Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) is a plan offering a positive realistic, policy framework to eliminate emissions from fossil fuels within 20 years  It brought together leading UK’s thinkers, including policy makers, scientists, academics, industry and NGOs to provide political, economic and technological solutions to the urgent challenges raised by climate science. Governments and businesses seem paralysed and unable to plan for a rapid transition to a low-carbon economy. ZCB shows what can be done by harnessing the voluntary contribution from experts working outside their institutions.

The ZCB report, released in June 2010, provides a fully integrated vision of how Britain can respond to the challenges of climate change, resource depletion and global inequity, with the potential for a low-carbon future to enrich society as a whole. During lectures in Melbourne and Sydney, Peter discussed how we can ‘Power Down’ demand in the built environment, transport, land use and institute behavioural change, then ‘Power Up’ the energy system with renewables. He outlined the key thinking behind the report, including why a low carbon economy is an investment in the future, and looked at the ways sustainable community based and multi-lateral initiatives will concurrently inform a global energy infrastructure.

The video below is in two parts, with footage provided courtesy of our project partner the British Council. Visit the Zero Carbon Britain website for more information on the project.