PRESS RELEASE: Eco-City Exhibition

An exhibition of designs for an Ecological Business District neighbouring Docklands. Visions from the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab.

What does Melbourne look like in 2032? The Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL), funded by the Victorian Sustainability Fund has looked at the last remaining vacant land available for development in Melbourne’s CBD known as E-Gate and applied some very radical thinking.

Last year VEIL ran a series of workshops with design staff from Melbourne, Monash, RMIT and Swinburne Universities who engaged with international and local experts to develop revolutionary visions for the E-Gate site as a zero-carbon eco-city. Around 200 students took these visions to develop design ideas for a demonstration city as a living expo of a low-carbon urban community, now known as the Ecological Business District (EBD). EBD is an eco-city of the future between the Docklands and the CBD, a new model of sustainable prosperity.