Research Projects in 2012

In 2012, the VEIL research team have a range of collaborative projects that have received funding. More information will be published as the projects get underway. New design studios are soon to be announced as well.

Design-led institutional transformation for resilience to climate extremes

VEIL Lead: Che Biggs

A natural disaster resilience project with two regional Victorian Cities. Investigation of designing (with community engagement) for extreme (outlier) climate change events. Analysing institutional responses to the preferred design responses. A 1.5 yr NRDG funded project with partners including RMIT (Centre for Design); ICLEI (oceania); Deakin University; Latrobe University (Bendigo).

Collaboration: Surf Coast Shire and Buloke Shire

Food Supply Scenarios (Food Futures ARC)

VEIL Lead: Kirsten Larsen

An extension of a VEIL research scoping project completed in early 2011 (funded from a VicHealth Discovery Grant – see: This new 2 yr research project is ARC funded, with Deakin University (lead) VEIL, CSIRO and ANU. It will “use an innovative scenario modelling approach to quantify the potential impacts of population growth, consumption patterns, urban form, agricultural practices and transport systems with emerging climate and environmental challenges, on Australia’s future food security.”

Collaboration: CSIRO, Deakin University, ANU

Casey Food Hub: How Can Food Hubs Catalyse Healthy and Resilient Local Food Systems in Victoria: Developing a Food Hub in the City of Casey

VEIL Lead: Kirsten Larsen

A new investigation of the opportunities and barriers to the production, distribution and consumption of local food (particularly peri-urban) in the City of Casey (a Melbourne urban boundary suburb); modelling and trial of a ‘food hub’ to change the economics of consumption of local food with viable support for farmer-producers. A 2 yr VicHealth funded Innovation grant.

Collaboration: Casey City Council, Eaterprises, VicHealth Innovation Grant

Resilient Post-Carbon Futures ‘From Below’: The potential for rapid systemic transformation from community engagement and visioning at a local, precinct or city level

VEIL Lead: Chris Ryan

A one year project to critically evaluate programs of action around the world involving urban communities, at a local, precinct or city level, intended to bring about rapid societal transformation – from ‘below’. Will also involve a detailed evaluation of the VEIL Eco-Acupuncture project with a focus on understanding its impact relative to the other international examples evaluated; to understand what worked and what did not, and to refine it process and practice. Then to develop a synthesis in order to extend research and action programs of the University aimed at catalysing and monitoring urban transformations related to climate and peak oil – ‘from below’.

Collaboration: MSSI research grant