Stringybark Sustainability Festival

Rowville Community Centre

At the Knox Stringybark Suburban Sustainability Festival on October 17 & 18, VEIL was proud to exhibit a selection of student works which explore designs of a possible sustainable future for Rowville.

Setting The Scene: It is the year 2032 – how could Rowville become a sustainable community, able to prosper despite peak oil and the inflation of petrol prices to more than $5.00 a litre? The 2009 way-of-living with cars is no longer affordable. Our suburbs and services have all been created around the notion that we would always be able to use our cars, and have access to cheap petrol. The event of peak oil would change the ways we conducted our everyday lives. How would life continue? How would we move things around and how could we move around ourselves? Design students across Melbourne’s leading universities were asked to respond to this problem. The resulting designs propose a range of possibilities for a more localised Rowville, and explore providing more localised access to everyday life necessities.

The exhibited works were taken from VEIL City of Short Distances Studios run at the University of Melbourne, RMIT, Swinburne University and Monash University.