The Sustainable Cities blog is reporting from Mexico City

VEIL has been invited by the World Mayors Summit and Siemens to participate in the upcoming United Cities and Local Governments Congress in Mexico City in November.  The VEIL Sustainable Cities Blog, run by Kate Archdeacon, will be run out of the World Summit at Mexico City for the duration of the conference.

This significant event brings together 3000 mayors and city authorities from across the globe to discuss the challenges and opportunities for cities over the next two decades. The four-day conference will give participants the opportunity to debate critical issues facing our urban centres and municipalities – including effective governance, economic development, innovation and building more efficient cities for 2030.

The VEIL Sustainable Cities blog has been chosen as one of a very select group of sites to participate in the congress. Kate Archdeacon will be blogging from Mexico City through the Siemens platform for the VEIL website, Sustainable Cities and Sustainable Melbourne. With an ever expanding readership of these sites, the invitation is a significant endorsement of their profile in the international debate and conversation on achieving a sustainable future for our cities. Check out the blog.

From Sustainable Cities Net:

On behalf of Sustainable Cities Net, I (Kate) am attending and blogging on the United Cities and Local Governments Congress and the World Mayors’ Summit, held this week in Mexico City. The content will appear here and also on a site created by Siemens, who provided a similar service at COP 15 and will do so at COP 16 next month. Over three thousand delegates from around the world will attend the presentations from city mayors on the pressures and responses they meet in their own city. The opportunity to expand the discussion and learn about pressures, models, scales, successes and failures in other cities is unique, and the material from Sustainable Cities Net and Sustainable Melbourne will make its way into my perspective and reports. Bloggers from other countries will be there too, so keep an eye on all the sites for a diversity of opinion!

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