Urban agriculture’s role in resilient city food systems

Is urban agriculture going to save the world? Could it help Melbourne’s food supply be more resilient? Is urban agriculture more, or less sustainable than other forms of agriculture? What resources get used to grow food in cities? How might this change in the future?

Until now, research about urban agriculture has often been concerned with what’s growing in cities. It often looks at what the current benefits of food growing are, or how much land is available to grow food.

But with the help of citizen scientists and gardeners, this project is creating a new urban agriculture dataset. This dataset will allow urban agriculture to be looked at in the context of its role in cities and in food supply resilience, both now and into a climate change affected future.

Become an urban agriculture citizen scientist!

Your garden doesn’t need to be amazing to participate, we’re interested in all food gardens, of all sizes, and of any level of productivity.

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Prizes available

At the end of the year, gardeners who complete this survey will go in the running to win prizes. The more times you complete the survey the better the prizes, and your chance of winning!

  • If you complete the survey for three months (out of 12), you will go into the draw to win a $40 CERES voucher.
  • Those who complete it for six months go into the draw to win one of two $50 CERES vouchers.
  • Complete it for nine months to go into the draw to win one of three $60 CERES vouchers.
  • If you complete it for 12 months you will receive a thank you gift of Diggers seeds, and you will go into the draw to win one of five $100 CERES vouchers.

Project team and partners

This project is led by Dr Seona Candy, a research fellow at the University of Melbourne. Research and communications assistance is provide by Jennifer Sheridan.

We are excited to be working with project partners:

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If you are having problems with the survey please email Jen Sheridan. If you can take a screenshot, it will help us figure out the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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