Ursula Tischner – Eco-Design

Ursula Tischner, architect and industrial designer, has more than 15 years experience in Eco-Design. These clips are from a lecture Ursula delivered in Melbourne in June, 2008, for the second Eco-Innovation Seminar held by VEIL.

Architect, industrial designer, practitioner, researcher and academic, with 20 years experience in sustainable design, Ursula’s projects are research- and design-driven, crossing many different territories: the FRIA fridge, sustainable office systems, sustainable kitchens, factor 4 clothes, and the environmentally-friendly shopping mall. Ursula is also an expert in the development of Product Service Systems and Eco-efficient Services. Her research interests include: Design for the Environment, Sustainable Design of Products and Services in Theory and in Practice, Design for Dematerialisation/Eco-efficiency, Eco-efficient Concepts, Sustainable System Innovation, Consumer and Market Research for Sustainable Design, Distributed Economies, Soft Factors/Emotional Values and more. Ursula spoke to us about her experience of integrating research into sustainable design practice and design approaches for radical change.

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Part 2

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