VEIL at Forum for the Future and the Rotterdam Climate Initiative

In July, Chris Ryan presented two lectures on the work of VEIL: one lecture was for the Innovation and Business staff of the Forum for the Future in London and the other for the Rotterdam Climate Initiative.

In both these well attended lectures the focus of the discussion was on the methodology, process and success of VEIL and the potential to develop similar programs in the UK and the Netherlands. In both contexts the interest revolves around developing future visions of sustainable cities in the context of climate transformation. Discussions are continuing with both organisations on the development of some on-going relationship with VEIL and Melbourne.

Peter Madden the CEO of Forum for the Future will visit Melbourne in November this year as part of the Deakins 09 events on Climate and Innovation. There is the potential for a visiting group from the Rotterdam Climate Initiative and their planned Rotterdam Climate Campus to Visit Melbourne early in 2010.