VEIL Exhibition at the Festival of Ideas

VEIL’s Melbourne Eco-City plan created a framework for a new high-density residential community for an inner city site scheduled for development in 2014. This high profile and influential project, known as the Ecological Business District (the EBD), has been the focus of design work for almost 200 students across the VEIL universities.

Students in design studios in Architecture, Landscape and Urban Design worked with four staff members from the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning at University of Melbourne – Dr Sigh Sintusinga, Associate Professor Darko Radovic, Gillian Wallis and Ian Woodcock – to produce visionary urban proposals for the EBD. This work continues this year with a group of Masters students led by the Head of Landscape Architecture, Professor Catherin Bull.

Selected works from VEIL projects including the EBD were shown in the foyer of the Sidney Myer Asia Centre for the University’s 2009 Festival of Ideas, highlighting their relevance to wider efforts to raise awareness of climate and cultural change.” Source: Melanie Ryan, The Voice.

VEIL is proud to have been a part of the Festival of Ideas, presenting a selection of works from the Eco-City Exhibition – excerpts from the Highly Productive Food visions.