VEIL’s Annual Report

The VEIL 2010 Report is now available. An overview of the past year’s activities and outcomes, the report provides insights into VEIL’s trajectory, goals and wider community of collaborators.

From the report:

VEIL operates on a model similar to an innovation-led design company, but in the public arena. With public funding, research grants and a design and research team drawn from staff and students in the participating universities, VEIL works to envisage future concepts and prototypes for goods, services, built infrastructure, systems and life-styles, for a sustainable Melbourne in 25yrs. VEIL has the explicit mission to change expectations of the future (to redefine the conceptual landscape of the future market and future lifestyles) and to ‘seed’ new innovative ideas that could contribute to making that future a reality. VEIL’s foundation work in 2007 developed ‘glimpses’ of Melbourne 2032, assuming that the city was reaching Victorian sustainability targets. The ‘2032′ date has been maintained even though the future horizon has reduced in time as the project has developed. The focus on Melbourne has also been complimented with some work in regional urban centres.

The VEIL program contributes to eco-innovation through:

  • Developing future ‘visions’ – (concepts, sketches, images – of possible future conditions for goods, services, built environment, lifestyles)
  • Revealing innovative change (current and emerging social and technical developments)
  • Seeding new ideas and projects (for present day innovation)
  • Exploring policy challenges (for government and the professions)
  • New research and consultancy
  • International engagement
  • A substantial communications program (web, videos, exhibitions, events, lectures, publications)