Transforming Society “From Below”

A small research project to understand the dynamic of change “from below” has become a component of the disruptive change research for the Visions and Pathways 2040 project.

The first objective of this research is to critically evaluate collaborative research, initiatives and action around the world intended to bring about this rapid societal transformation ‘from below’. The research will focus on a series of case studies  including the VEIL Eco-Acupuncture project. Representatives from the case studies will be interviewed about the goals, influence, success and challenges the initiative has faced. The aims of the research include evaluating programs of collaborative research and action around the world that intend to bring about rapid societal transformation, to conduct a detailed evaluation of the Eco-Acupuncture program and develop a synthesis of theory and practice from the case studies to inform future planning.

This research is being completed by Prof. Chris Ryan and new researcher, Dr Kate Luckins who joins the team having completed her PhD investigating sustainable lifestyles and developing The Clothing Exchange. The project team are based at the Victorian Eco Innovation Laboratory and collaborate with the Post Carbon Pathways team at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute.