Creswick 2037

This page showcases resilience building proposals developed by members of Creswick community – a town (pop 3300) 130km North East of Melbourne and 15 min from Ballarat.

These proposals or ‘visions of resilience’ were developed from participatory workshops conducted for a Federally funded design-led research project. Participants were asked to explore the implications and possible adaptation responses to extreme climate scenarios set in 2037. Results were translated by professional illustrators into visual glimpses of the future showing how proposed changes might look.

When you look through the following images, bear in mind that participants were given a set of challenging climate conditions to work with. If current rates of greenhouse gas emissions continue and those emissions drive rapid change in the planet’s climate system, as is currently occurring, weather extremes in Creswick may pose a major challenge by 2037. Higher temperatures and less rain will see more intense dry spells and reduced runoff to dams and creeks. In addition to more drought, Creswick will also face longer heatwave periods and more days of extreme heat. The number of high intensity rain events will also increase, amplifying soil erosion and increasing the impact of flash flooding on homes and business along Creswick Creek.