Complex Adaptive Systems and Rule-Based Design

This project will foster collaborations between interdisciplinary research teams at The University of Melbourne and The University of Campinas in the general fields of architecture, urban design and computational modelling.

Applications of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) will be developed in urban design and architecture, with an emphasis on both research and teaching outcomes. Despite recent work investigating the properties of CAS, relatively little research adopting an explicit complex systems approach has been carried out in architecture, and even less in urban design. Given the current advances in information and computing technologies, a wide variety of software tools and modelling paradigms are now available to investigate the dynamics of complex adaptive systems. The main aim of this project will be to develop applications of this technology to support innovative adaptive designs and planning to meet the needs and complexity of the contemporary urban environments.

Project details

Major Sponsors

São Paulo Research Foundation – FAPESP
University of Melbourne

Research Partners

University of Melbourne (Australia)
University of Campinas (Brazil)

Project Team

A/Prof Maria Gabriela Caffarena Celani (Uni of Campinas)
A/Prof Justyna Karakiewicz (University of Melbourne)
Dr Michael Kirley (University of Melbourne)


A/Prof Justyna Karakiewicz