HORIZON works - Alex Selenitsch

HORIZON works – exhibition by Alex Selenitch, grahame galleries + editions, 26 October to 23 November 2013.

LHS: HORIZON thru & thru  2009
RHS: Z-HORIZON, attached  2007-2013

grahame galleries + editions
26 October to 23 November 2013

My HORIZON works began from the observation that scanning a horizon and reading a line of text, or even a longish word, might be similar. The word itself was in my mind because of Sweeney Reed’s versions, in particular, the metal one which I installed in Ruth Cowen’s apartment. My HORIZONs are a continuation of Sweeney’s, even though he probably never considered his own poems as an unfinished set. My use of the word takes it into different subjects as well.

I began with a group of HORIZON pieces for a travelling show called Script, curated by Angela Cavalieri. My rule was to make three new works for each venue, which I did for five venues after the first showing at Mass Gallery, Melbourne, in 2002. All of these works were images of reading from left to right, placed across a flat surface. Some used the word ‘horizon’, others implied one through a scatter of letters and numbers.

Later works move the word into three-dimensional space. Instead of reading across or along the HORIZON, they ask the viewer to read around, over to, at, towards and through the HORIZON. Materiality has also been influential. Vinyl, perspex and access to laser cutting, a project at the Melbourne Museum of Printing involving a large letterpress machine, the easy copy/paste/alter functions of the computer: all of these have pushed the horizon further and further away, or perhaps, have revealed new horizons to scan. The closer you get to a horizon, the further it moves away. I no longer see the project as a set that can be finished, but as a continuous project, with completion always out of reach.

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Selected Exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

2017 ATMOSPHERES, George Paton gallery, UMSU, Melbourne.
2017 Road to Bourke, grahame galleries + editions, Brisbane.
2016 LIMINAL HOUSE, before and after…, ALKF Gallery, MSD, University of Melbourne.
2015 Alex Selenitsch: LIFE/TEXT, MOMA Heide, Melbourne.
2014 Fragrance permeates the garments, Wunderlich Gallery, University of Melbourne.
2013 HORIZON, grahame galleries + editions, Brisbane
2013 AGORA: shields, maps & transparencies, Place Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Travel Drawings, Wunderlich Gallery, University of Melbourne.
2012 flotsamandjetsam, Place gallery, Melbourne.
2011 Ideal City, Place Gallery, Melbourne.
2010 Mack’s Stack, Craft Victoria, Melbourne.
2010 Improvisations: blocks and sticks, Place Gallery, Melbourne.
2008 How are things at Home? Geelong Gallery, Geelong.
2008 Line Corrections, Place Gallery, Melbourne.

Group exhibitions

2018 Power & imagination: conceptual art, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.
2018 Sweeney Reed and Strines Gallery, MOMA Heide, Melbourne.
2018 Taking up with Modernism, Delmar gallery, Sydney.
2017 Call of the Avante-Garde, MOMA Heide, Melbourne.
2017 6th ab+mf, Project and Webb Galleries, QCA, Brisbane.
2016 Une histoire du Livre d’artiste…,Université Rennes, France.
2016 ACCA in the City, Melbourne CBD.
2016 WORDS, WORDS, WORDS, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne.
2015 Small Publishers, Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney.
2014 CON*TRA*PUN*TAL, Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney.
2014 Concrete Poetry Now, City Library, Melbourne.
2013 The Ongoing Gaga Saga, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.
2013 LIKE MIKE, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, Melbourne.
2012 Merchants of War, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney.
2012 Lessons in History Vol II- democracy, grahame galleries, Brisbane.
2011 Born to Concrete, Heide MOMA, Melbourne.
2010 Constellations, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne.
2010 WOOD + cardboard, Wunderlich Gallery, University of Melbourne.
2009 Post, Place Gallery, Melbourne.
2008 A Slip of the Tongue, Nexus Gallery, Lion Arts Centre, Adelaide.
2008 Visual Word, Project Space/Spare Room, RMIT, Melbourne.
2008 Portraits of Artists, Place Gallery, Melbourne.

Selected publications with creative works

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Dr Alex Selenitsch