About EPiC

The Environmental Performance in Construction (EPiC) initiative is the culmination of a four year, multi-institutional research project funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council.

Our Team

  • Robert Crawford
    Robert Crawford

    Professor in Construction and Environmental Assessment

    University of Melbourne

  • Andre Stephan
    André Stephan

    Assistant Professor in Environmental Performance and Parametric Design

    Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

  • Fabian Prideaux
    Fabian Prideaux

    Joint-PhD Candidate

    University of Melbourne & KU Leuven, Belgium

  • Paul Antoine Bontinck

    Senior LCA Specialist


The project

In collaboration with a number of research institutions and industry partners, our team has worked to develop one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive models for assessing indirect (embodied) environmental effects of construction projects.

The EPiC Database is an open-access Life Cycle Inventory of environmental flow coefficients for construction materials. These coefficients will assist construction industry professionals, policy makers, and built environment specialists to make informed decisions to improve the environmental performance of construction projects.

Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools, material coefficients enable construction professionals to rapidly analyse the environmental performance of buildings, urban projects and infrastructure. This offers an opportunity to significantly improve the environmental performance of construction projects.

Material coefficients in the EPiC database have been generated using sophisticated modelling that combines Australian-based macro-economic data with detailed industry data.

The EPiC Database includes:

  • Hybrid coefficients for over 280 construction materials
  • Open-access, consistent and comprehensive data with complete data
  • Case studies explaining how to use the coefficients and incorporate them
    into existing Life Cycle Assessment workflows and processes

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