EPiC Grasshopper

EPiC Grasshopper fully integrates the EPiC Database within the parametric modelling environment of Rhinoceros3D and Grasshopper. It provides access to the entire EPiC Database, enables the creation of custom materials and construction assemblies and includes data visualisation and data exports.

EPiC Grasshopper Logo

EPiC Grasshopper is a plugin that enables designers, engineers and other actors of the built environment to use the EPiC database directly within Grasshopper, the plugin for Rhinoceros3D, in order to improve the life cycle embodied environmental performance of buildings and infrastructure assets.

Download EPiC Grasshopper here:  https://www.food4rhino.com/en/app/epic-grasshopper

Fork the open-source python code of EPiC Grasshopper and get instructions on installation here: https://github.com/hybridlca/EPiC_Grasshopper

EPiC Grasshopper enables direct access to all EPiC materials, allows combining them into construction assemblies, and in turn, into built assets. EPiC Grasshopper provides advanced data visualisation and slicing capabilities, enabling its users to quickly evaluate the total life cycle embodied environmental flows of assemblies and/or built assets, compare them, and break them down by material contribution. EPiC Grasshopper also enables users to define their own custom materials, to export results to csv and to suggest a feature or report a bug directly from Grasshopper.

We have fully documented EPiC Grasshopper with hover over tooltips and user-friendly reports. EPiC Grasshopper is open-source, and licensed under a GNU GPLv3 license agreement.

EPiC Grasshopper was funded by the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.