EPiCdb Python Package

The drive behind the EPiCdb Python package is to provide developers with easy access to the EPiC Database as a python package, ensuring the consistency of results, and the access to the latest data by using the latest release. It acts as a basic application programming interface (API).

EPiCdb is a python package which enables you to extract data from the EPiC Database. EPiCdb uses Pandas and treats the EPiC Database as a Pandas.DataFrame object. As such, all built-in methods of Pandas.DataFrames can be used. This means that data can be extracted by querying any attribute and can be exported in a single line to a variety of formats, including csv, xlsx, sql, json, feather, etc..

EPiCdb uses a static version of the EPiC Database, built-in to the package. Future versions of the EPiC Database will be packaged as new versions of the python package.

Install EPiCdb from pypi using: pip install epicdb

Fork the open-source python code of EPiCdb here: https://github.com/hybridlca/epicdb

EPiCdb received funding from the FNRS, Belgium and was developed at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

Thinking about using the EPiCdb python package? Check the licensing details.