Listed below are a range of resources related to life cycle assessment (LCA) and improving the environmental performance of construction projects. This includes open-access software, academic articles and additional resources published by the EPiC team.

EPiC Database 2019


Open-source modelling tools for Life Cycle Assessment

Academic papers

  • Crawford, R.H., Stephan, A., & Prideaux, F. (2019) A comprehensive database of environmental flow coefficients for construction materials: closing the loop in environmental design. Paper presented at the Revisiting the Role of Architecture for 'Surviving’ Development, Architectural Science Association, Roorkee, India.
  • Stephan, A., Crawford, R.H., & Bontinck, P.-A. (2019) A model for streamlining and automating path exchange hybrid life cycle assessment. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 24(2), 237-252.
  • Crawford, R.H., Stephan, A., & Schmidt, M. (2018) Embodied Carbon in Buildings: An Australian Perspective. In F. Pomponi, C. D. Wolf, & A. Moncaster (Eds.), Embodied Carbon in Buildings. Cham: Springer.
  • Crawford, R.H., Bontinck, P.-A., Stephan, A., Wiedmann, T., & Yu, M. (2018) Hybrid life cycle inventory methods – A review. Journal of Cleaner Production, 172, 1273-1288.
  • Crawford, R.H., Bontinck, P., & Stephan, A. (2018) Establishing a comprehensive database of construction material environmental flow coefficients for Australia. Paper presented at the Engaging Architectural Science: Meeting the Challenges of Higher Density, Architectural Science Association, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Bontinck, P.-A., Crawford, R. H., & Stephan, A. (2017) Improving the uptake of hybrid life cycle assessment in the construction industry. Procedia Engineering, 196, 822-829.
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  • Crawford, R.H., Bontinck, P.-A., Stephan, A., & Wiedmann, T. (2017) Towards an automated approach for compiling hybrid life cycle inventories. Procedia Engineering, 180, 157-166.