Seminar 1: Peripheral Centralities - Lost and Past

September 23 and 24 2021, Online - Hosted by the University of Melbourne

This seminar focuses on the lost peripheral centralities and looks at the history of suburban peripheries. Peripheral centralities will be explored from an urban and planning history perspective, focusing on lost peripheral centralities - major plans that came close to fruition and would have spelled markedly different suburban outcomes than the ones we have today and confront assumptions in extant theory; and forgotten peripheral centralities - those that have come to fruition and whose centrality has been forgotten, overlooked or taken for granted. This seminar will be held online, hosted by the University of Melbourne in September 2021. It includes 2 keynote speakers; Robert Freestone from the University of New South Wales, and Carola Hein from Delft University of Technology. Other renowned speakers will discuss a range of topics from urban history, looking at multiple case studies from around the world.

Seminar 1 Program

Thursday 23rd September: Morning8.30-11.00 am AEST
8.30 am
9.05 am
9.40 am
Julie Miao, Sainan Lin and Zhigang Li (China & Australia)
Wuhan’s Red Steel Town: the waning centrality of an industrial satellite town?
10.15 am
Thursday 23rd September: Afternoon4.30-7.30 pm AEST
4.30 pm
5.05 pm
6.15 pm
6.50 pm
Friday 24th September: Morning9.00-11.30 am AEST
9.00 am
9.35 am
10.10 am
10.45 am
24th September: Afternoon4.30-7.30 pm AEST
Carola Hein and Gabriel Schwake (Netherlands)
War, military settlements and planetary urbanization
4.15 pm
5.00 pm
Marco Cremaschi, Frederica Causarano (France)
A new Rome: the EUR during the 1930s
5.40 pm
6.15 pm
6.50 pm

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