Anna Rubbo

Senior Scholar - Center for Sustainable Urban Development, The Earth Institute


B.Arch. (U-Melbourne), D. Arch (U- Michigan) Senior Scholar, Center for Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD), The Earth Institute, Columbia University.

Before joining Columbia University in 2012, Anna  taught Architecture at the University of Sydney. A member of a UN Task Force to improve the lives of slum dwellers, in 2005 she went on to lead  Global Studio, a project to assist urban professionals to work effectively with the urban poor. From 2013-15 she headed up People Building Better Cities, an exhibition shown in 10 countries. In 2018 she launched  Accelerating the SDGs, a project that began with a City Maker Survey.  Stage 2 invited  local projects that considered the SDGs. 110 projects from 39 countries are on display on the website.

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