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19 January 2017

Australia needs stricter rules to curb air pollution, but there’s a lot we could all do now

THUD Research Hub director Prof Mark Stevenson and Dr Robyn Schofield from the School of Earth Sciences discuss the impact of air pollution on urban health

25 September 2016

Cities for healthier lives

THUD Research Hub director Prof Mark Stevenson discusses the health benefits of ‘compact cities’.

4 May 2016

Live coverage: Federal Budget
What does the 2016 budget mean for infrastructure and transport? Hub leader, Prof Mark Stevenson explains on the University’s live Budget Blog

3 May 2016

Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning: Research Forum Series

The future of urban environments and transport: changing demands and realities
Presented by Professor Mark Stevenson, Professor of Urban Transport and Public Health, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning and Dr Jennifer Day, Lecturer in Urban Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

Professor Stevenson will articulate the urgency in responding to urban environment and transport demands, focusing on opportunities for the future including sustainable transport, intelligent transport systems (including telematics) and automation of the transport system. This presentation will reflect on achievements to date, and the challenges faced by the current transport system over the ensuing years. The forum will highlight the need for transport to be integrated across all urban systems in the twenty-first century.
Dr Day will explore the decline of urban manufacturing in Melbourne. This project arose against a backdrop of rising house prices particularly in Melbourne and Sydney, with councils under pressure to make decisions about land reallocation from urban employment land uses (industrial and commercial) to residential. Threat of displacement and survival is an omnipresent concern for small urban makers. The project is a joint effort between The University of Melbourne, the Inner Melbourne Action Plan representing the Cities of Melbourne, Port Phillip, Yarra, Stonnington, and Maribyrnong, the City of Moreland, and the Metropolitan Planning Authority. Once land has been allocated for housing, there is no turning back.