A/Prof Nimish Biloria

collaborator, The University of Technology Sydney


Dr. Biloria is an Architect and Emergent technologies and design specialist with over 16 years of experience in the emergent technologies and transdisciplinary innovation sectors across Europe, Asia, and Australia. He is currently working at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) as an Associate Professor. His area of research: Empathic Environments, involves the study of human-environment-interaction with its underpinnings in Urban Science and Human Computer Interaction. Under this research umbrella, he has amassed extensive research and design experience in leading multi-scalar transdisciplinary projects spanning the areas of Architecture, Smart Cities, Urban Informatics, Sustainable Mobility, Social Robotics, and Tangible and Embedded Interaction with a primary focus on enhancing human health and wellbeing. His research involves interfacing socio-political and spatio-temporal components that shape our cities and multi-scalar applied research, which fuse a range of sensing, actuation, and design computing technologies. This interface is deemed critical for addressing pressing spatial and allied wellbeing related concerns.