Living Lab

The Living Lab project focuses on consolidating spaces as research ecosystems where short- and long-term investigations can take place.

SHE Post-Occupancy Evaluation survey
Data from sensing technology is paired with Post-Occupancy Evaluation surveys, site observations and interviews to build evidence about the design, performance and experience of studied spaces that can be leveraged to fine-tune buildings through time. The Living Lab project also focuses on providing students with authentic learning opportunities by demonstrating IEQ, interior design and building performance aspects relevant to occupants’ satisfaction, productivity and health. Further, the Living Lab provides students and researchers “hands-on” experience in conducting diagnostic and performance evaluation of buildings and indoor environments through quantitative and qualitative methods.

Project details

Project team

A/Prof Christhina Candido

Dr Djordje Stojanovic

Dr Chris Jensen

Dr Wei Hu

Key contact

A/Prof Christhina Candido

Dr Djordje Stojanovic


University of Melbourne Smart Campus in collaboration with Melbourne Connect