Next Gen workshops

Following the continued evolution of organisations and workplaces to hybrid working models post 2020, this project builds on the Future of Work dataset capturing longitudinal snapshots in time of the changing workplace landscape form the perspectives of those newest to the workforce – Gen Z.

The post-COVID workplace: are (unhealthy) offices at risk of extinction?
Through a series of annual deep dive workshops (students, interns, and graduate employees) we investigate Gen Z’s  evolving experiences of working from home (WFH), entry and return to the office, and insights into what emerging mid-long term critical motivators and issues facing workplaces may be. The project captures fresh unconditioned views on how the experience of 2020 and ongoing transitions between home and the office caused by lockdowns, have shaped what is most important in the future workplace from a physical, operation and cultural perspective.
Click here to know more about the future of work in the report published with Davenport Campbell.

Project details

Project team

Ms Iva Durakovic

A/Prof Christhina Candido

Key contact

Ms Iva Durakovic


Led by University of New South Wales in collaboration with University of Melbourne


Industry partners

Davenport Campbell