Supporting Social Capital in an Omni-Channel Workforce

This project investigates the emotional dimensions of social capital from occupant and organisational perspectives.

SHE Post-Occupancy Evaluation survey
Responding to demand for seamless flexible working post 2020, Mirvac are piloting new workplace strategies and environments targeting challenges of human connection, knowledge exchange and community. Davenport Campbell have designed a suite of new hybrid workspace typologies targeting omni-channel workforce challenges for Mirvac’s pilot. They form case-studies to investigate individuals’ emotional dimensions of workplace attachment and organisational impacts of togetherness on innovation and social capital. The project uses pre, during, and post occupancy evaluations, field observations and focus groups to understand:
- Key elements of the design (incl. tech) most significant in supporting togetherness
- Organisational factors impacting employee effectiveness and satisfaction with hybrid management aspects
- Most successful workspace typologies in the toolkit
- Impacts on sense of community and belonging amongst occupants compared to pre-pilot experiences
- Impact on innovation, creativity, and mentorship at individual and organisational levels

Project details

Project team

Ms Iva Durakovic

Ms Lisa Munao

A/Prof Christhina Candido

Key contact

Ms Iva Durakovic


Led by University of New South Wales  in collaboration with University of Melbourne


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