Workspace design and high performance environments

This project aims to map key design attributes shared by high performance, Activity Based Working (ABW) supportive workplaces.

Workspace design and high performance environments

This project combines subjective POE surveys, objective measurements of Indoor Environmental Quality and incidental physical activity and analysis/mapping of physical interior design attributes. Results show the significant role interior design plays in open-plan offices when it comes to workers’ satisfaction, productivity and health.

Selected publications

Candido, C., Chakraborty, P., Tjondronegoro, D. (2019). The Rise of Office Design in High-Performance, Open-Plan Environments. Buildings, 2019 9(4), 100.

Gocer, O., Candido, C., Thomas, L. and Gocer, K. (2019). Occupants’ satisfaction and perceived productivity in open-plan offices: lessons learned from high and low performance environments. Buildings, 2019 (9) 199.

Candido, C., Thomas, L., Haddad, S., Zhang, F., Mackey, M., Ye, W. (2019). Designing activity-based workspaces: satisfaction, productivity and physical activity. Building Research and Information. 47(3), 275-289.

Candido, C., Thomas, L., Zhang, F., Haddad, S., Mackey, M. (2018). The unvarnished truth about ABW. Ecolibrium, 17(6), 46-49

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Project details

Major sponsor

Cachet Group

Project team

A/Prof Christhina Candido

Dr Shamilla Haddad (UNSW)

Prof Dian Tjondronegoro (Griffith University)

A/Prof Martin Mackey (The University of Sydney)

A/Prof Leena Thomas

Key contact

A/Prof Christhina Candido