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Structure and Leadership


The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning is a single-department Faculty, led by our Dean, Professor Julie Willis. The Faculty is home to our Graduate School, the Melbourne School of Design (MSD) and is also custodial Faculty for the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Environments.

Academic expertise within the Faculty is located in six key disciplines – Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Property, Construction and Urban Planning. Our academic staff conduct research and teach across undergraduate, graduate and research programs.


The Dean is supported by two key staff members – the Deputy Dean, Andrew Hutson and  Faculty Executive Director, Rebecca Bond.  The Deputy Dean oversees the academic administration of the Faculty whilst the Faculty General Manager oversees the provision of professional services.  Together they are supported by the following group of senior academics and managers who form the Faculty’s Leadership Team outlined below.

Professor Julie Willis

 Dean *

Andrew Hutson

 Deputy Dean and Director, Bachelor of Environments*

Rebecca Bond

 Faculty Executive Director *

Professor Alan Pert

 Director, Melbourne School of Design *

Associate Professor Alan March

 Director, Bachelor of Design and Associate Dean, (Undergraduate) *

Professor Paul Walker

 Associate Dean (Research) *

Blair Gardiner

 Assistant Dean (Facilities)

Associate Professor Valerie Francis

 Associate Dean (Resources)

Dr Toong-Khuan Chan

 Assistant Dean (International)

Professor Piyush Tiwari

 Assistant Dean (Equal Opportunity)

Dr Marcus White

 Assistant Dean (IT)

Dr Ajibade Aibinu

 Assistant Dean (Research Training)

Stephanie Morgan

 Manager, Academic Support Office

Roland Wunder

 Manager, Planning and Finance

Rees Quilfod

 Manager, Engagement and Marketing

Sally Jones

Manager, Research and Industry

Anastassia Kossenko

Manager, Human Resources


* Denotes membership of Faculty Executive