Eric Ormond Baker Scholarship

TheĀ Eric Ormond Baker Scholarship aims to promote advancement and leadership in the Australian architecture profession by offering students an opportunity, through travel, to pursue architectural research, acquire professional experience, build professional relationships and expand their mentoring skills.


The Eric Ormond Baker Scholarship provides a postgraduate student with an opportunity to fund an international internship placement, and covers travel and living costs associated with this placement. This scholarship is made possible by generous support from the Trust created by Eric Arthur Ormond Baker to support charitable organizations or purposes in Victoria, including education. The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning would like to thank Graeme Baker for making this career defining opportunity possible for our students.


The Eric Ormond Baker Charitable Fund was established in 1978 to comply with the wishes  of the Late Mr. Eric Arthur Ormond Baker (known as Mr. Eric Ormond Baker) Gentleman and Officer of Her Majesty’s Order of the British Empire and a Knight of the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.

Clearly outlined in the Last Will and Testament of the Late Mr. Baker are his wishes for a Fund to be established from his residual estate. He declared that the Fund be called the Eric Ormond Baker Charitable Fund and that it operates:

in perpetuity to or for such charitable organisations or purposes in Victoria as in the opinion of my Trustees fall within any of the following descriptions and as they may from time to time select a hospital not conducted for profit - a public benevolent institution or public benevolent society - an organisation established for the relief of persons in necessitous circumstances - public scientific purposes - public educational purposes.

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One scholarship of AU$13,000 will be offered to a single student in the Melbourne School of Design to provide travel and living costs for the duration of an international industry-based internship, being for a minimum of 20 days (4 weeks) and a maximum of 6 months.

The Melbourne School of Design will assist in facilitating the internship where possible, however it is the responsibility of the recipient to make their own arrangements.


Eligible applicants should be currently enrolled in postgraduate study in the Melbourne School of Design.

Applicants must also be Australian citizens residing in Victoria and must undertake an international industry-based internship placement with an approved provider.


Recipients are required to:

  • Accept the award online within 21 days
  • Write two letters of acknowledgement and appreciation to the donor/committee (upon acceptance and after completion)
  • Submit a final report within two months of completing the internship

One letter of acknowledgement and appreciation should be submitted on receipt of news of being awarded the scholarship and should reiterate what the student hopes to achieve and provide any update on activities. A final report outlining the outcomes of the scholarship – in this case the value of the internship placement should be submitted on completion.

Application process

Complete the online application form and upload the following supporting documents:

  1. Copy of current academic transcript
  2. 1000-word statement of interest and intent that includes details of the company in which the internship is sought, what the aims of the internship will be, and how it will enhance the applicant’s expertise in the area
  3. Evidence of Australian citizenship

Please ensure you have the above information available before you commence your application.

Scholarships will be assessed and awarded on the recommendation of a selection committee.

The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning has suspended the application and awarding process for travelling scholarships in 2021.  Find out how the University is responding to the COVID-19 situation.


If you have any questions or need more information please contact