Positive Legacy of Design Awards

The Positive Legacy of Design Awards are for the best design from any discipline that shows the potential to have positive social and ecological outcomes or legacy.

Tarkett Positive Legacy of Design Award for all MSD undergraduate students
$1000 annual award
DesignInc Positive Legacy of Design Award for all MSD graduate students
$2000 annual award

The Positive Legacy of Design Awards celebrate and reward students from any discipline who, through their work, show that positive social and ecological outcomes are possible through design.

Each year, up to 10 students postgraduate and undergraduate students are shortlisted in recognition of their work and based on their outstanding applications. Furthermore, one winner of each category will be declared the positive legacy winner for that year through an annual ceremony. Furthermore, all shortlisted project will appear on this website for up to three years and will be collated and published in the Positive Legacy booklet at the end of this period.

This project has been funded by DesignInc and Tarkett. We thank them for their support of the awards and our students, and their commitment to support tertiary education in Australia.

How to apply

Please prepare an application following the guidelines below and submit via email to thrive-research@unimelb.edu.au.

Provide four key images that best describe your project and submit a one-page outline answering the following questions:

  • How will your design create ecological benefit? 
    Some topics that may help you answer this question are your projects implications for energy, water, materials, providing urban greenery, urban agriculture, biodiversity, eliminating toxins and reducing embodied carbon. Please remember that ecological benefit should extend beyond the physical boundaries of a building.
  • How will your design create social benefit?
    Some topics worth considering are biophilia, indoor air quality, connection to outside, placemaking, the ability for people to connect within the project, supporting surrounding communities, supporting active living and working, or strategies to support people to reach their potential irrespective of age, gender, disability, etc. and affordability.
  • How will your design create moments of delight, contemplation and connection between people and their environment?


  • Submissions for Semester 1: 16 June 2018
  • Submissions for Semester 2: 23 November 2018

References and inspiration

  • Living Building Challenge
  • One Planet Living
  • Passive House
  • WELL building standard

These videos may be useful for general guidance and as case studies:

Shortlisted undergraduate entries

Semester 2, 2017
Semester 1, 2017

Shortlisted graduate entries

Semester 2, 2017
Semester 1, 2017
Semester 2, 2016
Semester 1, 2016